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1 posts from July 2011


First news letter (Summer session 2 2011)

ur students arrived on July 1st for session 2 of Summer 2011, all except for one. The poor kid had problems with Delta Airlines and his flight was cancelled, so he arrived one day later. 

1in airport

We had our orientation sessions in the Hotel Campanile, accompanied by both excitement and jetlag. The sessions discussed safety, health insurance, pre-registration, housing, both the University of Alcalá and CIEE norms, and other important issues. But the students also ate well and rested a lot. 

2at lunch









We had one birthday and also, almost all of the students who wanted to bought very inexpensive cell phones to be able to get in touch with the other students during their month in Alcalá.  



The arrival of the families was right on time and, as always, was the most anticipated moment at orientation. 



The day after we all went together to Madrid to learn how to take the commuter train and the metro. But to be honest, it seemed as if they had been in Madrid their whole life using these transports.


Afterwards we all ate together in a very typical Spanish restaurant and later on we went to the movies (which was a voluntary activity, 18 out of the 26 students ended up going). The chosen movie was an Argentine film called “Un cuento chino” (A Chinese tale), which they understood and followed without subtitles almost perfectly. 


The day in Madrid ended with the GAY PARADE 2011. It was great to be able to walk down Gran Vía without any cars and enjoy the pride parade. Since this was also a voluntary activity, some of the other students decided to go to the Real Madrid Stadium, Santiago Benabéu.