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¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡NOS GUSTA COMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CIEE ALCALÁ.



We like to eat

Spain can be a Paradise, if you like to eat. But, don’t limit your ideas of Spanish food to just tapas, sangria, or paella. In addition to tapas or small plates of food, there are very good Spanish dishes that have nothing to do with tapas. Each region has its own typical dish and there are large differences between the north and the south, the interior and the coastal regions.


Do Spaniards eat a lot of “tortilla” (potato and egg omelet)? Well yes, at home and you can get it in 85% of the bars, as long as it’s a bar with Spanish food (not a Chinese or Italian restaurant, or a cocktail bar). Sometimes it’s made with onion in addition to potatoes. “Tortilla” is one of the basic dishes in any Spanish mother’s kitchen, and the best tortilla is always your mom’s. It’s very tasty and you should try a lot of them to compare them. Tortilla isn’t something that you eat every day or with every meal, but pretty often.

Tortilla y ensalada








Tortilla de patata









Does everyone in Spain eat paella? Of course not. But, almost all Spaniards like it. It’s very hard to prepare a good paella. A foreigner may think of many different things when they think of paella, but in reality, it’s another of the many rice dishes.









Do all Spaniards drink sangria? No, Spaniards sometimes drink sangria, mainly in the summer, but not everyone. The most popular drinks during mealtimes are wine, beer, and water.

  Limonada de león











Is Spanish food the same as tapas? No, of course not. The idea of free tapas depends on the bar: In some bars you can order a drink or another drink and basically eat for free. There are hundreds of different tapas.

    Huevos fritos La casera, vino y tapas

Are Spanish beers very small in the traditional bars? The “cañas” are small, if you compare them with English pints, for example. But it’s the best way to drink them in the summer when it’s very hot out. Imagine enjoying a few pints of strong beer when it’s 110º or mixing Guinness with seafood…bad idea. We have beers that mix well with our foods and that are served in moderate proportions.


  Tesis Ernesto y CLub lectura Fall 08 009

I’ve given the most well-known products for foreigners, but take a look at these pictures and you’ll see some of the other foods that we eat here.

Thank you for reading! I threaten to put up easy cooking recipes.



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