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A Museum in Trinitarios (our Building at UAH- Universidad de Alcalá)

A Museum in Trinitarios

A lot of people come into the Trinitarios building, where the CIEE office is located, and they don’t see it as a “museum”. It’s not an official museum, it doesn’t have a name and there’s no entrance fee, but works of art surround us.


I want to especially mention the chests.


The chest (the Spanish words are “arcón” for a larger chest and “arca” for a smaller one) is a piece of furniture shaped like a closed box and used to store different type of objects like linens and other household equipment, etc. The chest and other similar pieces of furniture that are in bedrooms are normally on top of four legs that are slightly elevated.

Since the 14th century, embossed chests and trunks, sometimes with inlays, stuck around for three centuries until the use of dressers and closets made chests and other similar luxury furniture disappear from bedrooms.


During the Renaissance, a lot of trunks or chests were made in the shape of an urn with curved lines and they were decorated in a plateresque style. The most elegant trunks of this entire time period are known as bride’s chests or wedding trunks (arcas de novia or cofres nupciales) because the groom usually sent them to his fiancée the night before their wedding.

But in the Trinitarios building and now in the 21st century, they don’t have the same use, only the mere decoration and the observation by the inhabitants of the building and imagine, imagine what could have been inside of them.

Will you play along with me and guess how they got here?




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