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Skating in LOGROÑO

Last October 26-28th. CIEE Fall 2012 went to LA RIOJA (in the north of Spain). Before, some of our students suggested that we went to do something different. I accepted and I started to look for something special as well as going to visit a winery (what I did). It was “skating” on October 27th at 20:00 until 9:30 in Logroño public skating ring.


Have you always wanted to slide gracefully over the ice without falling on your back?  I could not. Do you find yourself doing a split every time you hit the ice? Just keep in mind it takes a lot of practice and it did not happen for all of us. 

A couple days before, an instructor from there told me by e-mail that we had to wear proper clothes. When ice skating, you should wear clothes that are easy to move around in and will not get heavy when wet. You want to be flexible and not too warm, and gloves, of course. Remember, skating is exercise so your body will get warmer once you move around.




The keys to skating well are relaxation and technique, so relax and try to keep your legs as steady as possible. Learning to walk will help give you ankle support and help you get used to the friction of the ice.

The more you practice, the better you'll be. So we did not expect to be a pro the first time we stepped onto the ice, but sincerely all the students skated, very well. 




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