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CIEE Alcalá de Henares- LA program- Study abroad newsletter 1- FALL 2013.


Like every September, here is our first letter of salutation. I was with the group at all times to support them and help them at orientation, and also we had the help of Beatriz Jiménez (IBF professor of Latin American Literature).




Almost all the students arrived without incident, but one of the students flight –our male student- was delayed and the fight company lost his suitcases in Brussels, which made us a little bit unhappy.




Very tired, and with sleepy expressions, the female students and I went to eat together before their first big nap in Spain, something they needed very, very much. Then, the male student arrived to the orientation hotel.




At last, all the students and I had a nice dinner in the hotel restaurant.




Orientation on the second day was very calm and productive, the students paid close attention in all of the sessions regarding: safety, course registration, rules on the trips, housing, computer use, cultural differences, semester objectives, trips, courses, etc.





But we think that the most exciting moment for everyone was meeting the host families and roommates at the residencies.





 We have done many things to get to know the city and the Spanish people better.  We went to Cervantes Square, the House of Cervantes, the cathedral, we saw the buildings of the University of Alcalá, the Alcalá Central Market, the main street, and we went to a supermarket.



Classes began on Thursday, September 5th in the Instituto Benjamin Franklin. During this day they had a chance to visit all of the classes that they wanted, but several classes were cancelled because there were fewer than 5 students.

  And on Friday 6th we are going on our first outing to Madrid.  We´ll show that to you all soon...




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