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 From June 30th to July 10th.

  Our students summer 2014 (session 2) arrived save and sound, and their luggage too.


 We stayed at the hotel 2 days and one night. They learnt everything they need to know in Alcalá, and of course Instituto Benjamin Franklin stays. So, they were a little bit tired but they resisted with courage the big amount of documents they had to sign for IBF and CIEE (release form for media recording, ciee data protection students form, ciee Alcalá rules, language commitment, IBF disciplinary policy, IBF-UAH housing regulations and home stay contrac, IBF form for media recording).



We ate a lot and we had fun as well. At the end of the second day, they went with their Spanish families.





But two days later, I had to change one student  to other family, because of internet connection. I had several conversations with the student about her situation. While she said that her host family was lovely and kind, the circumstances of the home were affecting her in a negative way. The first family had change their internet company connection ten days before the arrival of our student, but they had a lot of problems. It was very difficult to be in the home without internet connectivity. While the family was generous in offering to take her to places where she could access the internet, it was very inconvenient for her. Now, Hannah is happy and I am happy too.


















 On Wednesday the students started their courses at IBF and in the afternoon we had an Alcalá walking tour.



 On Friday we went to Madrid in order to learn how to use the transportation passes and the transportation system. It was a nice day. We walked more than the students usually walk in USA, but they did not complain at all. They were very understanding.



   On Saturday 5th most of our students attended to 2014 Madrid Gay Parade and on Sunday 6th went to Segovia.

     2014 gay parade

Segovia sesión 2

By the way, our two sessions students are travelling a lot and they enjoy their stay here!!!!!

Chicas 2 sesiones bis


Chicas dos sesiones tris