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Televisión en España

Donde yo vivo (en la residencia) mis compañeras de apartamento y yo pasamos mucho tiempo en la sala de estar. Hay 3 sofás, una mesa, y un televisión. Aprendí muy rápidamente que aquí en España es muy común ver la tele a cualquier hora del día. Si hacemos la tarea la televisión será conectada.

Hay muchas diferencias entre tele en España y en los Estados Unidos. Obviamente la mayor diferencia es la lengua. Cuando llegué a España me disgustaba ver la tele porque no entendía nada y no hay subtítulos en cualquier canal. Para mí ver la tele era y sigue siendo ¡educativo! Estoy feliz ahora porque entiendo mucho más que los primeros días aquí. Otra diferencia es la duración de una película o serie. En los EE.UU cada ocho o diez minutos hay anuncios durante casi tres minutos, pero aquí hay veinte o treinta minutos de una serie y cinco minutos de anuncios. Me gusta el segundo formato más porque hay menos interrupciones. La última diferencia es el uso de palabrotas. En EE.UU no se permite usar palabrotas en una serie o película, y cuando alguien utiliza una, se censura con un pitido. En España alguien puede decir una palabrota sin consecuencias.

Tienen muchas series de los Estados Unidos aquí en España. Pero no me gusta verlas porque las voces de los actores están cambiadas y me molesta. Cuando conoces la voz de Tom Cruise, oír otra voz (en español) ¡es un poco raro! Hay muchos programas españoles como la que se avecina una comedia muy popular, representa un apartamiento y las personas (vecinos) que viven allí. Todos los domingos por la noche hay películas en muchos canales, películas americanas normalmente, pero a veces tienen algunas de España.

No voy a mentir, echaba de menos la televisión americana hace dos meses, pero ahora estoy acostumbrada a la tele aquí. Hay cosas que están mejor de la tele en EE.UU como menos anuncios y ¡muchas películas los domingos! La Televisión va a ser un choque cultural para alguien extranjero, pero no está mal. 


Television in Spain


Where I live (in the residencia) my roommates and I spend much of our time in the living room. There are 3 sofas, a table, and a television. I learned very quickly that here in Spain it is very common to watch TV any hour of the day. We even do our homework with the TV on.

There are many differences between television in Spain and the US. Obviously, the biggest distinction is the language. When I arrived in Spain I didn’t like watching TV because I didn’t understand anything and there are no subtitles on any channel. For me since coming here, watching TV was and still is educational! I am happy now because I understand much more of the content on TV than I did the first few days here. Another difference is the duration of a movie or TV show. In the US every eight or ten minutes there are three-minute commercials, but here there are twenty or thirty minutes of a show and five minutes of commercials. I like the second format much better because there are fewer interruptions during a show. The last difference is the use of bad words. In the US it is not permitted to use bad words in a program or movie on TV, and when someone says one it is censored with a beep. In Spain anyone can say a bad word with no consequences.

They have lots of American TV shows here in Spain, but I don’t like watching them because of the changed voices of the actors bother me. When you know what Tom Cruise’s voice is supposed to sound like but you hear a different one in Spanish, it is very weird! There are also lots of Spanish TV shows like la que se avecena a popular comedy about an apartment building and the people (neighbors) who live there. Every Sunday there are movies on many channels here. Usually they are American movies, but there are also Spanish films too.    

            I am not going to lie; I missed American TV two months ago. But now I am much more accustomed to the TV here. There are parts about TV here that are way better than in the US like less commercials and a good selection of movies on Sundays! TV is definitely going to be a culture shock for any non-native Spaniard, but it isn’t so bad. 
















First News Letter- Summer 2012 (session 1)- CIEE Alcalá

Like we do at the start of every program, we would like to send greetings from CIEE Alcalá Staff members: Cristina Blanco –resident director-, Eero Jesurun – assistant director- and Fausto Zamora –culture guide during orientation and CIEE trips- to all the directors and advisors at the various North American universities that have sent students to participate in the CIEE Alcalá summer program.    




All students arrived safely, some arrived a day early to rest a bit and recover from jet-lag. We had problems only with one suitcase. But after 24 hours it was at the hotel.


Almost all the students were awake. This group was positive and had an open attitude at their first Spanish day. Five students went dancing on the first night at a nearby pub. At orientation we remind them that CIEE Alcalá is a demanding program. We tell them that they have to study and attend class, but will also have opportunities for travel and fun.



One of the funniest moments of orientation was when we went to buy cell phones in the department store “El Corte Inglés”. Learning to use their phones in Spanish and exchange numbers is always a reason to laugh… and jump in excitement!


Of course, as always, a pivotal moment of the orientation was the students met their host families. Before this, we gave them letters with information about their families. The students laugh at photos of families. The Spanish always pose very serious in the pictures.




On Saturday June 2nd we went to Madrid down town.

We walked a lot, learned to take the subway, ate in a typical Spanish restaurant and we went to the movie theatre. The film was “Miel de Naranjas”

 We finished at 18:30h.


Then, the students decided what they wanted to do and when to return to Alcalá by themselves. Participants with questions phoned us to catch the train later, but all arrived safely at home. SUMMER 2012 (I) IS ON THEIR WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!